How to set up a daily wellness routine?

Adopting a daily wellness routine is above all adopting a ritual that feels good! So don't feel guilty if you have not been able to keep up with your routine, because to achieve regularity, you need to understand the mechanism. Today I'm going to explain how routines work and suggest two exercises to take you on a journey to wellness.

How to set up a wellness routine?

How to anchor a new routine for good?

Routines are put in place to make our lives easier and to make activities that feel good, an automatic. Do you think about brushing your teeth or doing your hair? No, it's part of your morning routine, it doesn't require any particular effort to do these actions.

According to specialists, routines are very useful to relieve stress and anxiety.

A question of will above all...

But in order to adopt a new routine, we have to reprogram our brains, which, let's face it, can have a little trouble getting out of their little comfort zone. Indeed, we have evolved to use as little effort as possible: our brains are always looking for ways to save energy. In the process of acquiring a habit, our brain finds itself processing too much information. In short, it "takes your head" literally and figuratively.

 That's why, at the beginning, you need a good dose of motivation but especially of willpower.

... Fueled by a reward system

Finally the brain likes to feel good! If you get a lot of satisfaction after doing an action, your brain will try to identify the specific behavior that preceded the reward. It will then associate the trigger with positive emotions to reproduce it. Thus, when the opportunity arises, your brain will secrete dopamine, a neurotransmitter that controls your attention, motivation, and actions to allow you to focus on the reward.

Adopting a daily wellness routine has many benefits

As far as I am concerned, I propose that your award be :

  • More lightness,
  • A greater sense of perspective,
  • More wellness...

Two exercises to create a wellness routine

I am always very surprised: we always talk about body hygiene but what about mental hygiene? What do we do to "wash away" the annoyances and stress of the day? How can we have a good day when we have not slept, when we feel on edge as soon as we wake up? The answer is very often: NOTHING. But I have good news: you are an actress of your change of perspective!

Evening wellness routine: adopt the "shoulder pumping" exercise

Every evening, between make-up removal and teeth cleaning, I invite you to do the following exercise to free yourself from the tensions accumulated during the day. It is the pumping of the shoulders which belongs to the exercises of sophrology of Dynamic Relaxation which combine movement, breathing and intention.
It works for all types of tension:

  • Physical tension, especially in the upper back or chest,
  • Emotional tensions
  • Or mental tensions, such as ruminations.

This exercise is to be repeated 3 times in a row.

Starting position

Stand with your feet hip-width apart, knees unlocked, back straight, head in line with the spine. Your arms are at your side, your eyes are closed. If you feel your balance is unstable, you can keep them open and look at the ground, 1m from your feet.


Breathe in through your nose and close your fists, imagining gathering your tension in your hands. Hold your breath and move your shoulders up and down several times. Then breathe out strongly through your mouth while opening your fists as if you were releasing your tension that you had caught in your fists.

Take a natural breath, always with your eyes closed. Observe your feelings and welcome them. Become aware of your ability to let go of your tensions.

Repeat this sequence twice. You can imagine other tensions or repeat the same ones.

Here is the exercise on video:

Wellness routine: shoulder pumping exercise

Morning wellness routine: integrate the Prana exercise

Adopting a morning wellness routine helps you prepare for the day in a positive way.
A little smile in front of the mirror (yes, it feels good) and let's go for an exercise: Prana.

Starting position

Stand with your feet hip-width apart, knees slightly bent, back straight, head in line with your spine. Your arms are at your side, your eyes are closed. If you feel your balance is unstable, you can keep them open, and look at the ground, at 1m from your feet.


Breathe in through your nose and raise your arms in front of you, lock your arms horizontally and visualize the abilities, the energy you will need in your day. If this visualization is complicated, imagine the written word. Hold your breath and bring the word/feeling back to you by gently bringing your arms to your chest. Blow through your mouth and let your arms come down by your side, hands open, to release this ability into you. Return to natural breathing and welcome your sensations. Repeat two more times.

Discover the exercise in video:

Wellness routine: Prana exercise

These breathing exercises are among the activities that allow us to regain energy and "clear our heads".
They help to reset our stretch zone (our recovery zone about which I wrote a article to be read right here) that prevents us from falling on the "dark side of stress".

As I told you, it takes willpower to "shake up" our brain. It would take 21 days to start automating a new action. So challenge yourself, not tomorrow but now! Take the time to do yourself good! And count on me to remind you 🙂 !

And to reach a more advanced state of relaxation, I invite you to discover our SOPHRO MASKS®....


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