They tested the SOPHRO MASQUE, here are their feedbacks!

Marine Loves Polish & more..., Beauty, Lifestyle & Deco blogger

Addicted to nail polish, lipsticks, perfumes, candles and much more! 

"(...) The SOPHRO MASK is a perfect experience when you feel a real need to soothe your body and mind. I also think it's a great gift idea to give since unfortunately, nowadays, many people suffer from stress, exhaustion, etc."

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The children of Peaux d'âne, Lifestyle blogger

Mom of two adorable twins 

"For me, the goal is achieved. After this session, not only do the facial features appear relaxed and the skin is plumped up, but the body as a whole is freed from all tension! Because even though this session is primarily intended to make one's face feel good, it is total relaxation that the body feels through comforting words and breathing intended to relax."

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Nice Souris, fashion, lifestyle & beauty blogger

Quinquas just want to have fun

"It is a mask that is really very very pleasant, makes a very beautiful skin and not sticky. It moisturizes very well and combined with the sophrology session, the relaxation is total!!! It's a new concept that I really like to take care of your skin and your mind at the same time!"

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Hello Beauty Mag, Beauty, Wellness, Lifestyle, Reading & Travel blogger

Sophrologist, aromatherapist, naturopath and beauty/wellness salesperson

"With the SOPHRO MASK, we reach this state of rest in order to let the active ingredients of the mask act fully with the positive stimulation of the mind, and we fully enjoy a moment for ourselves in full consciousness."

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The little world of NatieAK, Lifestyle, Beauty & Fashion blogger

Curious by nature, has always had a preference for various themes 

"RESSOURCE Body-Mind is definitely a new and complete concept where we take into account both the mind and the body to try to achieve harmony and a feeling of well-being on a daily basis. I highly recommend it!" 

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Photo credit: The little world of NatieAK

Bubbles of tests at Florette, beauty blogger

Beauty blogger in her spare time but full time Beauty Addict!

"I literally enjoyed this moment of beauty and well-being(...) After this session, I found that my skin was well plumped up, my features relaxed. My skin drank all the serum. It feels really good to be able to rest and think only about yourself for 20 minutes. It's an original and innovative experience to discover that combines beauty and relaxation. I highly recommend the SOPHRO MASK from RESSOURCE Corps-Mental to achieve harmony of body and mind."

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The Beauty of Lâm, Beauty & Lifestyle Blogger

Gourmand and avid beauty lover, lipsticks, glosses, eyeshadows, nail polish, little delights for the body and perfumed ornaments are her favorite dishes!

"At the beginning of the session, I was not necessarily at ease because it was my very first sophrology session (...). But after a few minutes of breathing exercises, I managed to relax and to be really open and attentive to the path. (...) At the end of the session, I felt really relaxed, rested and I was pleased to discover that my face was also relaxed, the features smoothed, the skin plumped up. The skin was well moisturized and I loved smelling the fresh, flowery scent of the mask."

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Thank you all for these beautiful returns!


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