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In our fast-paced lives, taking a wellness break for yourself is still a luxury. Not yet a healthy habit, a ritual like brushing your teeth or taking a shower.

But how can we take time to take care of ourselves, to reflect, to refocus, to connect with our inner self if we get caught up in the whirlwind of stress and its consequences? Fatigue, irritation, depression, anxiety, burn out... Subjected to negative emotions, the body suffers and the negative effects of stress on the skin soon appear.

Take time to breathe again

I myself went through this long tunnel of pressures and more or less attainable goals in my career in cosmetics.

After 18 years in marketing, where I climbed the ladder to management positions, my body said "STOP". At this pace, combined with my family life, I needed to catch my breath, to find myself. To put meaning back into my life.

A life change initiated by sophrology

There are no coincidences, only appointments, they say. Some time later, I met a sophrologist in a train. This professional explained to me that stress was managed through both the body and the mind. That one could not go without the other. That it was all a question of balance. He was going to train high level skiers, because "victory is first played in the head" he told me. Stress limits your possibilities and makes you forget all the abilities you have in you. To take back control, not to undergo any more, to become again actor of its life, it is what offers sessions of sophrology, a direct access to the wellbeing and the serenity. A simple way to feel better. Better in his head, better in his life, better in his skin. This approach seduced me.

In 2015, I then trained at theSophrology Training Institute, convinced that this tool at my disposal would open a new page in my personal life as well as in my professional career. I would have liked to have been given these keys to stress management earlier. I therefore wanted to pass them on by accompanying people on the path to calmness and well-being. For more than five years, I have helped individuals and groups in companies to find the resources hidden within them. And I have often been amazed by the results.

SOPHRO COSMETICS® : a holistic approach to beauty

Like that time, with Fabienne, in her early forties, physically marked by the stigma of stress. This media professional, like the others, had to repeat a breathing exercise - relaxation - and visualization every morning for about 20 days. One month later, when she arrived, she was physically not the same person. Day and night. Her face was rested, her complexion fresh, her face happy. Another participant even asked her if she had fallen in love. Love had not come into her life, but a new breath of serenity had.

It was on that day that I made the connection between mental well-being and physical beauty. It was also on that day that a small seed was planted in my head: beauty is not only physical, it is also a question of state of mind. What if I linked my two worlds? My long career of nearly twenty years in cosmetics (Yves Rocher, Naos, Unilever...) and sophrology. What if... everything was linked? Like every time it's the right moment, everything starts to work like magic. The name, the product, the sophrology session. Everything fits together. A wonderful world of untapped resources.

SOPHRO COSMETICS® is a brand new experience of self and care capable of putting in synergy the skin and the mind, an unprecedented alliance between the effectivenesś of cosmetic active ingredients and the positive stimulation of the mind for a beauty breaḱ in full consciousness. A unique resourcing of the skin and the mind. A fundamental, essential self-care.

Claire Millier

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  1. Hello, I discovered your brand via LinkedIn, your background and your ambition are inspiring. Your approach to cosmetics is innovative and in the air of time, thank you for this discovery!

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