The secret to keeping a good look and zenitude in this new school year

Yes, it is possible to prolong your healthy glow AND the beneficial effect of the vacations! The secret? Moisturize deeply and take care of your rest time! I tell you everything in this newsletter and announce a surprise at the end 🙂

How to keep your healthy glow naturally?

Even though we all love our tanned complexion, it is important to know that exposure to the sun tends to thicken the epidermis.

It is a natural defense phenomenon of the skin when it has received a significant dose of UV rays. Under the effect of UVB rays, the upper layers of the skin thicken to protect the basal cells of the epidermis (which ensure skin regeneration). The skin then becomes drier and needs a good dose of hydration to keep its suppleness and radiance.

You must therefore make a light exfoliation and HY-DRA-TER your skin with a deep care.

How to keep the beneficial effect of the vacations naturally?

I have good news and bad news.

The bad news: according to scientific research, the positive effect of a vacation lasts between 2 and 4 weeks*.

The right one! You can prolong this beneficial effect by...taking care of your rest periods. Evenings, weekends, even lunch breaks.
How can you do this?

  • Do relaxing activities: walk, take a bath, listen to music or an audio book, do meditation or a relaxation session.
  • Practice "mindfulness": savor every minute of your weekend without thinking about the week ahead.In the evening, enjoy being done with your day and doing a pleasant activity (yes after doing food, homework, laundry 🙂 ) savor that moment when you sit on the couch.
  • Disconnect regularly: turn off the cell phone, take a moment for yourself (a restaurant for two, a drink with your girlfriends, a massage or simply a good book).

How to do everything at the same time?

This is the ultimate secret that I am about to reveal to you...

It is the SOPHRO MASK® 🙂. It is the only beauty gesture that allows you to pamper your skin and your state of mind.

The biocellulose mask allows you to put your skin on a hydration infusion. It is impregnated with a serum (10 times more concentrated than a day cream) formulated with hyaluronic acid, Damask rose hydrolate and the active ingredient Resistress®.

It's a real in-depth treatment!

To know everything about the composition of the mask it's here!

The audio session of sophrology allows you to pamper your mind and reach a deep state of serenity.
Each session has a different objective: Letting Go, Liberation, Breathing, Double Relaxation or Resource, choose the theme that corresponds to your need or ask us for advice.


And because I want to spoil you in this month of September, and because the SOPHRO MASK® audio session is valid for one month, I have created a special back-to-school pack:

1 SOPHRO MASK®, Breathing Session
1 additional beauty mask,

to be done during the month of validity of your sophrology session

All this at the special rate of 50€.

In concrete terms, it's a double shot of hydration and relaxation!

The offer is valid until October 17, 2021 inclusive. It's time to treat yourself or share a cocooning moment with the women in your life 🙂.


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