Pink October, a special meaning

Pink October is on everyone's lips...

Obviously we are all, as women, concerned and it is important that we are aware of the early detection of breast cancer.

Breast cancer, a part of my story

But this cancer has a special meaning for me... I wanted to tell you about this story, because this experience reinforced my conviction that sophrology was powerful to stimulate the body down to its cells, and the mind for a multiplied life energy.

To validate my diploma as a sophrologist, I had to follow three patients for one year. Two of them were suffering from breast cancer. They were each at a different stage of the disease. One had just been detected while the other was at a more advanced stage.

Support for two women with cancer

The objective of my accompaniment was to offer a comforting bubble, to help them in the short and long term to master their fear of exams, treatments and when the disease constitutes a powerful brake to their projection in the future. But above all, the objective was to make people aware of the biological capacities that we all have and to potentiate the efficiency of the treatment.

We worked on 3 actions:

  • Fighting
  • Potentiate your resources
  • Projecting oneself in the success of the treatment, seeing oneself cured

I helped them to discover their own keys to better live this painful moment of life, keys that they still use years later. Once installed, the sophrology techniques last over time and offer a real in-depth work.

I came out of each session exhausted but happy, with the satisfaction of having been able to bring comfort and I knew that I was aligned with my professional life plan.

Sophrology, a powerful aid to healing and beautification

If I tell you this story, it is because it has had a profound effect on my own life path. Before becoming a sophrologist, I worked for big cosmetic brands. If sophrology could help potentiate the effects of a drug treatment, it could also help boost concentrated cosmetic actives.

I felt the need to make the link between the skin and the mind, to connect beauty and sophrology to offer a kind of space-time gap, in which you take care of yourself only and your inner serenity is reflected by soothing your facial features.

This is why I developed the SOPHRO MASQUE Beauté Calme®, a unique concept combining a 100% natural biocellulose mask, impregnated with a serum concentrated in hyaluronic acid, Resistress® plant active ingredient and rose hydrolate , and an audio session of sophrology specially designed to enhance the physiological effects of the mask.

Dare to take this moment just for you...Just for you.



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