Taking care of yourself is good for your morale!

These troubled times, linked to an uncertain health context, invite us to take care of ourselves and to take the time to do ourselves good. Confinement requires us to redefine our individual freedoms and to reinvent our sources of pleasure. A challenge to take up necessary to maintain a mental and physical well-being.

Redefining our beauty rituals during confinement

The confinement is an ideal parenthesis to give back to beauty its noble letters. In the midst of a daily routine punctuated by the eternal "subway, work, sleep", beauty rituals were for many limited to the application of a skincare product in the morning and a quick cleaning in the evening. Today, taking care of oneself has never been so necessary. The aim is more therapeutic than aesthetic.

The bathroom takes on the appearance of a spa, these temples of well-being whose access is forbidden until further notice. The mask applied quickly on Sunday evening in front of the TV becomes a moment of well-being that we like to stretch over time. Soft, comforting and soothing treatments in a world that has been hit by the brutality of current events. A moment that calls for gentleness towards oneself, a first step to compensate -in part- the emotional deficiencies linked to confinement.

Rediscover the pleasure of the gesture

What if the application of a treatment was part of a personal development process? Massaging the body or the face means discovering oneself, listening to one's body and therefore to oneself. A gesture intrinsically linked to the intention we give it: why do I want to feel beautiful? Why do I feel the need to massage myself? Aesthetics are replaced by well-being and the quest for harmony between body and mind is put back at the heart of the gesture.

This sensory immersion provided by skin care is also an effective way to escape from everyday life. At RESSOURCE Corps-Mental, we wanted to boost these beneficial sensations by listening to an audio session of sophrology. The SOPHRO MASK® Calme Beauty, impregnated with hyaluronic acid, is enjoyed for 20 minutes during which we alternate breathing exercises, relaxation and positive visualization. A holistic way of looking at beauty and being present to oneself again.

Make the decision to do good for yourself

If the benefits are no longer to be proven, this downtime still seems difficult to take. Telecommuting has further blurred the boundaries between work and personal life, and taking time off when you're confined to a couple and/or with children is almost mission impossible. Our hectic daily lives have not stopped at the door of confinement, making this beauty break even more essential to maintain a physical and emotional balance.

Taking care of oneself means giving oneself importance and showing oneself that one loves oneself. We take the time to curl up in this parenthesis of well-being, to abandon ourselves to the benefits of a sophrology session or a beauty mask. A positive requirement to grant to oneself, even more during the confinement, to feel better in one's skin, in one's head and to take the time to listen to oneself in depth.


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