The brand and its history

Meeting with Claire Millier,

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"Cosmetics only go on halfway (...)
beauty is also a question of mindset".

Our beliefs


Every person has mental and physical resources within them.


Confidence and beauty are the two inseparable elements of self-conquest.


SOPHRO COSMETICS® is a solution to help people realize their beauty and full consciousness.

Our commitments


Care-Mask in biocellulose (100% natural material), impregnated with 10ml of serum with 93% of ingredients of natural origin for an optimal hydration in 30min.

Made in France

The mask is designed in a laboratory in Brittany. The packaging is produced in a printing house in the 18th arrondissement of Paris.

Certified Sophrologists

Sophro Coaching programs are performed by RNCP certified sophrologists and have been specially designed for optimal body and mental efficiency.

Proven innovation

Patent registered with a positive notification at European level. Skin/mind effectiveness proven by scientific tests and use in a specialised Parisian laboratory.

Our values

a different approach to the usual products, a new in depth, biological and psychological beauty experience

provides concrete results based on skin biology and sophrology

a caring brand that encourages and stimulates

back to basics vs. superficial, easy to access, simple compositions

An observation

The disconnection between our body and our mind is the evil of the 21st century. Stress, exhaustion, loss of meaning and self-confidence... ailments that impact the body and the skin, visibly, in a vicious circle.


Mind-body interaction: A biological truth

The skin is formed on the 21st day of pregnancy, at the same time as the nervous system in the same embryonic tissue, the ectoderm.

Later, these two systems will be clearly differentiated, but they maintain close links and are in constant dialogue.

An innovative solution

Sophro Cosmetics®

Becoming aware of one's inner states and working on them modifies one's relationship to the world and to others, and therefore modifies the image one gives of oneself.

A happy and serene woman is a beautiful woman.

SOPHRO COSMETICS® is the alliance between cosmetic efficiency and positive mental stimulation through sophrology.

Based on this new field of expertise, RESSOURCE Corps-Mental®, offers rituals and services that will help women to achieve beauty and full consciousness.


RESSOURCE Corps-Mental has changed their daily life

So, ready to coach your mind while taking care of your skin?


"30 minutes to myself that last for a month, the sophro-mask has allowed me to understand that I am responsible for my serenity. As for my skin, simply redensified and plumped up, I felt more "radiant", especially as I have mature skin that has lost its elasticity (a privilege of age).

Sophie M

SOPHRO MASK® Tension release

"This is an innovative product! A moment for yourself! Combined with a bath: a pure moment of mental and physical relaxation. I recommend it" 🙏😃

Florence M

SOPHRO cure® Serenity

"A true empowerment of one's well-being and a moment of absolute relaxation. The post treatment effect is incredible, deep and lasting."

Souad K

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