Mind-Body RESOURCE: from holistic beauty to beauty therapy

Holistic beauty... A concept that has become trendy and carried by the women's press for a few years now, but what about its concrete understanding by women? And why not go even further and talk about beauty therapy?
If we have learned in recent years to take care of our skin, to adopt the gestures to beautify it, there is still important work to integrate another dimension: that of the mind...

What is holistic beauty?

The term "holistic" is an adjective resulting from the word "holism" which comes from the Greek "holos" and means "whole". It is therefore a theory according to which man is an indivisible whole, which cannot be explained by its different components (physical, physiological, psychological) considered separately (source Wikipedia).
If we transpose it to the field of beauty, holistic cosmetics becomes a "philosophy" that includes the physiology of the skin but also the well-being and the management of emotions. Beauty is no longer limited to physical features but to a whole that integrates what a person gives off. 

In the RESSOURCE Corps-Mental team, it is obviously a philosophy that speaks to us and our reason for being. We propose a global approach to beauty by offering benefits for the skin and the mind. SOPHRO COSMETIQUE® is the combination of cosmetic efficiency (with the concentrated hydration of our mask) and mental well-being.
And maybe even a little more ....

What about beauty therapy?

Beauty therapy means adopting a beauty routine that offers therapeutic benefits by relieving ailments. SOPHRO COSMETIQUE® could be defined as a beauty therapy routine. Let's not forget that sophrology is a mind-body method used as a therapeutic technique. It was initially conceived by the neuropsychiatrist Alfonso CAYCEDO to help his patients acquire a better knowledge of themselves and face everyday life with more serenity.

So, in general, if a beauty routine can help reduce stress and anxiety and increase self-esteem(see this article which also addresses this notion of beauty therapy), imagine what a targeted approach can offer in terms of effectiveness on well-being! Our audio sessions to be listened to during the application of our treatment masks have been designed by RNCP certified sophrologists and respect the sophronization protocol. Each theme (D-stress, Release of tensions, Regain of Energy, Positive Projection, resourcing, etc...) is specifically thought with guided exercises of breathing, muscular relaxation and visualization.

SOPHRO COSMETIQUE® offers an innovative vision of beauty by providing concrete answers to problems such as stress, mental ruminations but also lack of energy, while taking care of the skin with powerful serums contained in the biocellulose masks (to know everything about its formulation, it's right here)

Moreover, neuroscience has demonstrated the relationship between the skin and the brain. Thus, psychological stress and negative emotions can lead to a duller complexion and generally accelerate skin aging. This is known as psychobiology(if you are interested in this subject, we talk about it in this article)

I invite you to make an appointment with yourself and to take care of yourself (finally). Because beauty is first and foremost a serene state of mind that shines on your face.


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