Discover psychodermatology!

Our emotions at the surface!

  • Have you ever heard of psychodermatology?

Psychodermatology is the alliance of 2 medicines that we all know: psychology and dermatology.

This medicine is essentially interested in the link between the skin and the emotions through cognitive and behavioral therapies. The aim of this practice is to treat emotional disorders, anxiety, depression, and better stress management.

Our lifestyle and our mental health influence our skin and can have visible effects: small pimples, dull complexion, premature aging, dryness, dark circles...

Thus, psychodermatology looks at how the management of our emotions can trigger or aggravate dermatological or skin diseases such as acne, eczema or psoriasis.

  • The skin is simply the reflection of our emotions!

Likewise, mental health and skin health are intimately linked,

beauty and positive emotions are also.

More explicitly, "A serene and fulfilled woman is a beautiful woman!"

It is to accompany women on this path that RESSOURCE Corps-Mental has created SOPHRO COSMÉTIQUE®, the alliance of cosmetics and sophrology.

A beauty therapy based on the combination of skin care and mental coaching for optimal skin and mental health!

Our product, the SOPHRO MASQUE®: a facial mask with a concentrated serum of hyaluronic acid; associated with a relaxation therapy session to be listened to during the application of the mask.

In 30 minutes, you get a hydrated & plumped skin and a soothed & revitalized mind

*It has been scientifically proven that the mask-care coupled with the sophrology session increases the benefits of the mask by 15%.

In case of severe skin and/or psychological disorders, do not hesitate to consult health professionals.

Thank you to Cosmopolitan for allowing Claire Millier, our founder, to speak on this relevant subject.

Thank you also to Cosmopolitan for mentioning RESSOURCE Corps-Mental and the SOPHRO MASQUE®.

Find more information on psychodermatology in the Cosmopolitan article: https: //,2073595.asp

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